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Equity or investment finance for start-ups are generally given by private investors or special financial institutions called the Venture Capitalists. As a startup or a flourishing business, you want to be ready before presenting your business deck to investors. You would want to impress investors, to get them interested in your compelling deck. Here are a few factors to consider before you meet a VC with your deck.

The first task to do would be to research. You need to do the background work, research about the investors, understand as much as you can about their background and investing criteria. Also, investigate on what to expect in a meeting with a Venture Capitalist. The next would be to plan and follow through with a strategic planning process. Get to know your target market, market size and growth, competitive market, and customer profile. All these are essential things to observe and plan for before a meeting with a VC.

You should have an estimate of how much you will make and how much is needed. This will include profit margins and operating expenses over time. Without such vital information, it will be impossible to raise funds from investors or venture capitalists. After strategic planning, it should result in a compelling plan which will oblige you to outline your presentation and pitch deck.

The presentation is what you say and how you say it, while the deck is the text and imagery. These two are extremely important. The deck should advertise your brand and tell your story with accurate and pleasant content. It should be well descriptive and show key aspects of your business and product. It should truly show the steps you plan to take in accomplishing the financial goals you set. Also, draft questions that could be asked, or frequently asked and be loaded with adequate answers.

Lastly, practice, practice, and practice again! You want to make sure you have a magnificent delivery of your proposal. It is not easy to get a chance to meet venture capitalists. So, every opportunity given should be taken seriously. You would want to give it your best shot and make a great first impression.

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