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What goes into my pitch deck?

We Professionally and creatively highlight the various factors such as Length, Content, Focus, Aesthetics, and Delivery to ensure that the deck has maximum impact on your specific situation.

Our pitch deck will cover the following:

  • Introduction Of Business Model
  • Promotors & Professional Experience
  • Market Size & Industry Potential Overview
  • Problem Statement & Solution
  • Nature Of the Company & The Scalability
  • Short-Term, Long-Term Goals, Mission & Vision Of The Business
  • Business & Revenue Model in Depth
  • How The Company Approaches the Market
  • Roadmap, Timelines Milestones for The Organization
  • Competition Scenario
  • Financial Projections, Funding Amount, Valuation & Utilization Of Funds
  • Risk Mitigation Strategy & SWOT Analysis
  • Investment Required
  • Exit Strategy
  • Recommendation & Conclusion

We have broken down the process into 3 major categories depending on the stage of your business.

How long does it take to get a first draft?

After our first meeting, clients usually would receive a first draft under 72hrs

How can I provide feedbacks/comments on the projects (designs)?

You can provide feedback in real-time using our project management platform that is available for Web and Mobile. 

Will you treat my presentation as confidential?

Yes. Confidentiality and data security are given top priority at Pitch Deck Services. Your account manager advises you with respect to an optional non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Do I need a credit card to use PDS?

We accept payments through Credit/Debit cards and Paypal on our website. If you want to pay with another option, kindly get in touch with us.

Can I edit the final presentation myself?

Yes. You will receive a fully editable PowerPoint version of the document. We also provide Google Slides at your request.

When will I receive my presentation?

After you have received the first draft, and you provided feedback, you would receive the completed version in the next 1-5days based on the level complexity

Will I be able to print the document?

Yes. All the documents can be printed, sent as email or used on large screens. 

Will I be able speak with someone?

Yes. For every package that you order on our platform, a dedicated customer manager will be assigned to you.

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