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Important things not to miss out in your landlord deck

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A landlord deck is a brief business plan presented to a landlord during commercial lease application and it is prepared through Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote. The landlord may require it to ensure the applicant’s business sustainability and its ability to pay rent during the lease term.

Unlike the other documents that we have mentioned before, Pitch Deck, Sales Deck or an Investment Teaser. The Landlord deck is made specifically for the land or owner of the property that a business owner is interested in.

The content of a landlord deck should include:

  • Business Description

This should include the company description outlines. Vital details about your company are included such as location, what you do, how large the company is, and what you hope to accomplish.

  • Industry or market analysis

It is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the market.

  • Marketing Plan

The marketing objectives should be stated here and possible marketing channels

  • Management Profiles

This should include the names of the high ranking employees that work together to manage the company. It is always good to have their names, position and a headshot (photograph)

  • Floor Plans

Floor Plans are usually important as they contain the blueprint of the space for business and how they intend to lay out their equipment.

  • Financial Projections

This includes the estimate of future financial outcomes for the company. This aspect seems to be the most important part of the document because the landlord wants to know how you can quickly pay rent to avoid uncertainties.

In conclusion, a landlord pitch deck can bring confidence and also reassure a landlord when they are curating a tenant mix. You can contact the Pitch Deck Services (PDS) team to help you with your landlord deck so that you can do other things that matter more to you.

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